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David closed the door and slid the deadbolt, tossing his keys on the hall stand. He crossed the small parlor to the sideboard, and as he reached for a tumbler and the bottle of Jamesons, he was startled by a voice from the corner.
"I'd prefer you didn't do that," a deep, tired sound from the direction of his overstuffed armchair.
David's hand shook, gripping the glass tightly as he turned to where the man sat hidden in the shadows. "Who the bloody hell are you, and what are you doing in my flat?"
"I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you wouldn't have let me in if I'd asked." The figure produced a cigarette from a jacket pocket, and tearing the ignitor open drew deeply before exhaling slowly into the room. "I'm in collections David, and I'm afraid you're in possession of something that's no longer yours to keep."
"Jesus, are you here about the television? I'm only a few days past, and if your lot kept better shop hours, I'd have been able to pay it last week when I was in the city. Here, you can
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THE FINGER OF OPPRESSION :iconoki-oki:oki-oki 771 141 The View From Pisa Tower :iconaudacesfortunajuvat:AudacesFortunaJuvat 1 23 JUST 8018 :iconeguana:eguana 2,757 181 sugar refinery :iconingue:ingue 570 73
Hold the Line
"Greetings, caller.
This is an automated service:
Please be patient while we process
your personal details,
and place your call on
-- Hold on to a
final call for the faithless,
as fingers twitch a tuneless tattoo
upon graffiti casings; stacatto codecs
broadcast in desperation to
anyone, anywhere...
"Your continued custom
is our conscious concern.
One of our representatives
shall take the time to
-- Speak in riddles,
subtle stranglehold puzzles
that tie in tangled, intricate knots
around this line against my throat.
I'm strung-out and up,
ready to hang
"-with you."
And then:
then they strike out
with that god-awful muzak;
recycled canned dissonance
that's designed to decay
and echoes hollow
with the incantation:
"Hello Sir/Madam,
my name is (irrelevant).
How may I be of service?"
One voice of billions,
that drones incessantly 'neath
stoic, stone-hearted heavens,
And I've
Had enough.
Over and out
Of control.
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     I've been off of my medication for far too long. I'm contemplating things again; I must be. Why else would I be standing here, on the roof, eyeing the space just beyond the ledge?
     He never should have trusted me. He should have known that before long I'd be up to my little tricks again. For my sake, he should have known. He should have looked after me better. This whole situation could have been avoided, if only he'd stayed home from work today.
     He should have known that today, of all days, would be the one I'd finally give in to the horrible ideas that nagged at my brain. Today wasn't special by any other means; it was a tuesday. Partly cloudy, high of sixty five; showers developing in the late afternoon, or so the weather lady had told me while he was quietly getting ready for work.
     He left at eight thirty.
     The news ended at nine.
:iconcaitlinsaurus:Caitlinsaurus 2 11
     His entire career was riding on this mission. He had to complete it flawlessly; lately, he'd had some bad reports. It was important that this mission stand out above the rest-- that he handle this with the cool-headed grace that his job demanded.
     As he stepped from the taxi, he checked for his badge and handgun, and upon finding them both in place-- handgun at his side and badge in his inside chest pocket, he reached into a pocket and pulled out his wallet. Extracting a twenty, he reached an arm in through the passenger side window and paid the driver.
     He took a deep breath to settle his nerves, watching the car pull away. He then took a glance up and down the early morning street. Nearly deserted. His attention then turned to the building in front of him. The lights were on inside, and he could see people moving about. He checked his watch. Six-thirty AM.
     Stepping fo
:iconcaitlinsaurus:Caitlinsaurus 3 19
Untitled - Part One
     He had the rifle pointed directly at her cockpit-- their zoids were basically nose to nose. She stared past the barrel at the enemy Command Wolf. Minutes, though they seemed more like hours, passed.
     'Is he going to shoot?' she wondered, hands gripping the controls, ready to lurch her machine to the side. Chances were, if he decided to fire, at this range she's never be quick enough to avoid a direct hit. And a direct hit at this range would kill her, no doubt.
     "Open your cockpit." Her opponent commanded, his voice crackling slightly over the radio. When she didn't respond, he repeated the command. "Open your cockpit and get out. Now."
     She growled slightly, releasing the controls and opening up the cockpit. She murmured a quiet, "I'll be back soon, Ghost." to her mechanical companion as she slipped out of her seat, straightened out her uniform, and climbed out into the
:iconcaitlinsaurus:Caitlinsaurus 2 6
Rainbow Girl -One-
“I’ve Got Nothing Against Rainbows, But This Is A Bit Much”
What should I write?  
Yes, I—what about?  
I want to write about something important—something special—
Something with meaning.  
“I’m writing about a rainbow,” a classmate says.  
No thanks.  
I should very much hope to do better than that.  
Very much.  
These days, words are much too—too powerful—too volatile—too—
Well, too.  I think I can put them to better use than “rainbows”.  
Especially once that same classmate announces, upon finishing some poem or other, “I’m so good at writing poems!”  
Oh conceit.  
Once, I know, you were nice.  But now—
Wow,” I say, very sarcastically.  
Let’s see you try to write—or even think—about somethin
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Murder, murder!
United States
Current Residence: Northwest
Hell yes I am. Didn't you notice that ALL OF MY DEVIATIONS ARE GONE?

If you want my new account, post here. I'll note you the URL.


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